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Standing as a strong leader

March 10, 2017

Posted in blog, people - For women in the workplace, highlighting your natural strengths is key Read More »


On life’s high wire – a balance of work and family

December 15, 2015

Posted in blog, people - If you feel like you’re always looking for the balance between work and family, you’re not alone. In a recent report published by Families and Work Institute, 55% of those surveyed felt overwhelmed by how much work they had to do. Read More »

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Women investors are becoming a powerful force

August 5, 2015

Posted in business building - Financial planners risk losing business if they don’t recognize that women have more power and money than ever before. Read More »


Woman to woman

June 2, 2015

Posted in business building - There is a cultural assumption that women have a special rapport. What has been your experience? Read More »