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A retro tv on a vcr and vhs. Isometric style, the video home system is waiting for the vhs cassette. The tv isn't working. 80's appliance technology video system.

Is the clock still blinking on your VCR?

July 17, 2017

Posted in business building, people - Differentiate yourself to elude technology-driven communization. Read More »

Diverse volunteers working in food bank distribution warehouse

The Many Faces of Philanthropy

May 11, 2017

Posted in blog, people - The goals are similar, but different generations give back in different ways. Read More »

Old Way or New Way

The four C’s that drive change

April 26, 2017

Posted in blog, business building, people - Explore the motivating factors behind switching broker/dealers. Read More »

Real estate agent showing different properties to the clients

Maximizing client engagement during a review

March 29, 2017

Posted in blog, business building - The client review has many benefits, but the key objective is ensuring that your clients are confident about achieving their goals. Read More »

Teamwork couple helping hand trust assistance silhouette in mountains, sunset. Team of climbers man and woman hiker, help each other on top of mountain, climbing assistance, beautiful sunset landscape in Himalayas Nepal

Is your practice a trusted brand?

March 21, 2017

Posted in blog, business building, marketing - The most important part of your relationships with your clients is trust. Read More »

The chalkboard drawing shows multiple light bulbs in a row with one glowing. The light bulbs are hanging from the top. The small light bulbs are outlined in white,the big light bulb is yellow. The big light bulb is a symbol of innovation e/o success.

When old school prospecting strategies meet new school

January 30, 2017

Posted in business building - Today’s high tech, advice-centered wealth management business requires advisors to embrace and teach a new approach. Read More »

Financial stock market background on a blue digital display. Charts, diagrams and grids with numbers, tickers, line and bars related to stock exchange rates, financial figures, trading data and market trends. Focus on a candlestick chart. Perspective effect with selective focus. Blue background.

Help clients maintain perspective in turbulent markets

January 17, 2017

Posted in business building, people - Periods of market volatility – especially pullbacks – can trigger emotional responses in investors, causing them to feel upset or worried. Read More »

Illustrator Vector EPS file (any size), High Resolution JPEG preview (5417 x 5417 px) and Transparent PNG (5417 x 5417 px) included. Each element is named, grouped and layered separately. Very easy to edit.

Work your network

December 14, 2016

Posted in business building, marketing - When you can’t be there in person to represent your business, social media can help make the connection. Think about it – with a little time and creativity, you can speak directly to your clients, prospective clients and centers of influence. Read More »

Gift box polygonal geometric figure.

Giving your clients a gift this holiday season

December 6, 2016

Posted in blog - Everyone likes receiving a gift, especially if it is a gesture of thanks for their patronage in the past year. What is gift giving etiquette? Read More »

Happy group of people hugging in a circle

The Family Holiday Huddle

November 17, 2016

Posted in blog, business building, people - Openly discussing important matters during the holiday season can bring your family closer. Read More »