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Justify your fees to your clients

June 9, 2016

Posted in blog, business building, regulatory - CRM2 comes into effect July 2016 with a requirement for full disclosure of fees. Under the second phase of the client relationship model, you will be required to justify what you do for your clients to earn your fees. Read More »

Language of fees

What language are you speaking when it comes to CRM II?

October 1, 2015

Posted in business building, regulatory - The level of transparency that will come with CRM II will be the beginning of new fee conversations. It will allow clients and advisors to discuss the fees investors pay, how much they pay and the chance for advisors to remind their clients of value they receive. Read More »



July 29, 2015

Posted in regulatory - Sort through the myths and truths about CRM2. It's important to know the new rules for the client-focused initiative. Read More »


CRM-2: Turn a challenge into opportunity

February 4, 2015

Posted in regulatory - In our blog titled CRM-2: What you need to know, we discussed a number of the changes that are being introduced as part of Client Relationship Model – Phase II (CRM-2) to increase transparency when your clients are buying, selling or just holding mutual funds. These changes – particularly one being launched in July 2016, […] Read More »

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Prospecting clients in today’s highly regulated environment

November 5, 2014

Posted in regulatory - Prospecting – which is necessary for building your business – became more challenging in July 2014, as Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (“CASL”) came into effect. Read More »


CRM-2: What you need to know

October 31, 2014

Posted in regulatory - Client Relationship Model – Phase II (CRM-2) is well underway. Although there are still two more phases of CRM-2 to be rolled out in July 2015 and 2016, a number of changes in how you do business have already been introduced. Here are some of the major changes that have been launched and changes you […] Read More »


An introduction to CASL

September 22, 2014

Posted in regulatory - The Government of Canada created CASL to protect Canadians from the malicious spam that, at best, clutters up our emails. At worst, however, these emails may be sent in an effort to mislead the recipient for commercial or other gains. Read More »